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You play as a knight trapped in a nightmare. During your boss fight trial you will have to be carefull: things might not be as they seem... Focus and observe, you may notice something's wrong. In this nervous third person boss fight game, your reflexes will have to be sharp if you want to kill the beast.

It's been done by 3 people
Sofiane Ben Embareck : Developper
Arnaud Guegherouni : VFX Artist
Alexandre Lucas : Game Designer


MoveLeft StickWASD
DashSouth buttonSpace
AimRight StickMouse Pointer
Melee AtkWest buttonMouse Left Click
Shoot AtkRight TriggerMouse Right Click


UI : GUI Pro Kit - Fantasy RPG
Sounds : Fantasy Sounds Bundle
Characters : RPG Fantasy Pack 
Environment : Dark Fantasy Gigantic Environmnent


Not as it seems.zip 107 MB

Install instructions

Nothing much than download the zip, extract it and launch the BrackeysJam-2022.exe :)

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